Letterpress from China

We are a letterpress printing company located in Beijing, China. Since the second revival of letterpress printing in China in 2013, we have been fascinated by it. Mr. Johnny Peng, the founder of the company, has been engaged in the printing industry for 30 years. Every year, he travels around the world and inspects letterpress printing shops around the world.
Our company began to copy and produce ADANA 5 * 8 press in 2015, and the Chandler&Price 8 * 12 old style press in 2017. We plan to copy and produce Vandercook SP15  in 2023.
We are willing to communicate with letterpress enthusiasts around the world, and we also hope that the dealers of letterpress printing equipment will cooperate with us.

Address: Room 802, Business Park, Beijing Institute of Printing, No. 25, Xinghua Street, Daxing District, Beijing, China
Tel:+86 13501066123 (wechat) 
If you have any questions, please email: ceo@yiinterpress.com